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Old Town Buzet

  • Old Town Buzet
  • Old Town Buzet
  • Old Town Buzet
  • Old Town Buzet
  • Old Town Buzet

Old Town Buzet

Misty morning draws the contours of the town of Buzet. The settlement goes down the slope of the hill towards the south, it has two town gates, four squares connected by three main roads, while the square with the parochial church is built on the rock. Funtana was established at the foot of the Buzet hill settlement.


1 ST.VID'S CHAPEL  It is on the cemetary, beneath the fortress. It was built in Middle Age and it has relief of St. Vid and captain Marc’¨Antonio Erizza’s coat of arm. The bell tower is from the 15th or 16th ct., and inscriptions are from 1614 and 1653.

2 VELA VRATA (LARGE GATE)  They were built by captain Giannmaria Contarini in 1547. There is a relief of St. George on it.

3 SOUTH BULWARK  It was built in 16th ct., and renovated by captain Andrea Erizzo in 1699. His coat of arm is on the bulwark.

4 LAPIDARIUM  That’s where the plaques with inscriptions and coats of arms are and where the well is.

5 PARISH PALACE  It stands where the fortress from the 16th ct. was. In the 17th ct. it was the palace of Flego family.

6 BEMBO PALACE  It was built in 1728 and it has a captain Vicenzo Bamba’s coat of arm.

7 RENAISSANCE TOWER  It is a part of a fortress.

8 PORTAL  It was built in 1670.

9 DE VERTIIS PALACE  It was built in 1629, and has some local nobleman’s coat of arm and an inscription.

10 BLESSED VIRGIN MARY'S PARISH CHURCH It was finished in 1784 and has very valuable equipment and a treasury of valuable objects. Also, there are Gaetano Callido’s organs from 1787.

11 THE BELL TOWER  It was rebuilt in 1897. There is a year of 1541 carved in a bell in Glagolitic.

12  VENICE STOREHOUSE  It was built in 1514 and renovated in 1796. It has Capitano de Raspo’s coats of arms and plaques with inscriptions.

13  REGIONAL MUSEUM (BIGATTO PALACE) It was built in 1639. Visitors can see the archeological collection with lapidarium, ethnological collection with peasent costumes, old kitchen and a collection of agricultural tools.There is also a gallery for diffrent exhibitions.

14  MALA ŠTERNA (SMALL WELL)  It was being renovated from 1517 till 1522 and rebuilt in 1563.

15 FONTIK  Once it was Venice storehouse for weat. It was built in 1534 and renovated in 1587. It was adapted for public hall in 1900.

16  MANNERISTIC PORTAL  It was built in the first third of the 17th ct. It has a count’s emblem.

17  RENAISSANCE HOUSE  It was built in the middle of the 16th ct.

18  VELA ŠTERNA ( LARGE WELL)  It was built in 1788/1789 on the place of the old well. The fence was made in rococo style with captain Marc’ Antonio Trevisana’s coat of arm and an inscription that says when it was built. Beneath the inscription there is a relief of a Venice lion.

19  ST. GEORGES'S CHURCH  It was finished in 1611. In the 18th ct. it was built higher. It has very valuable gold altars from the 17th ct., pews carved in wood made by a local artist and paintings of some Tiepolo’s follower. Bellfry is from the 15th ct.

20  BAROQUE HOUSE  It has a portal and a fence that was finished in 1741.

21  MALA VRATA (SMALL GATE)  It was finished in 1592.