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Brochures about Buzet

The Tourist Board occasionally publishes brochures of landmarks in Buzet ... Below you will find some of the current editions

Feel Buzet! Experience Buzet!

Each view of Buzet is an image you wish to capture in a photograph and cherish: the Old Town, Large Gate ( Vela vrata ) and Large Well ( Vela šterna ), its winding paths that lead to hidden corners end - ing on the horizon. Capture your scene while bike riding and exploring its sur - roundings rich in history. Make a pause in Salež, the village where the unique pillar of shame and its inscription still stands, in charming Sovinjak or beneath it, in Minjera – one of the oldest bauxite mines. Remember it on the nearby Ras - padalica while hang gliding, admiring the intact nature and becoming part of it, or when spreading your adrenaline over the Istrian sky like a soaring bird in a whirlwind. Retain your view of the Mir - na River and cultivated land where, just as in the finest modern paintings, the hues of earthen colors regularly alter - nate with the greenery of the meadows and woods. Visit the frescoes in Roč and Hum, save the image of the well known Glagolitic graffito of Hum in a frame. Or – keep the view from Vrh and experience the magnificent beauty. Everything is al - ways different here; nature reveals itself as magic of a great illusionist.

Feel Buzet! Experience Buzet!

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