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Capture your scene

Each view of Buzet is an image you wish to capture in a photograph and cherish.

... the Old Town, Large Gate (Vela vrata) and Large Well (Vela šterna), its winding paths that lead to hidden corners ending on the horizon. Capture your scene while bike riding and exploring its surroundings rich in history...

Feel the touch of pleasure and delight,
health, beauty and vitality.

Take a deep breath

... smell the soil, oak woods and flowering meadows. Feel the soil of truffles, the enchanted land of buried treasure. Smell the scents while strolling along the river, through a line of poplars, or climbing the cliffs absorbing the benefit that bonding with intact nature offers. The smells will bring back pictures, tell their stories and remain treasured deep inside. Just like new energy.

Dare and choose

... hang gliding or free climbing, paragliding or horse riding, mountain biking or trekking...



Relax, be romantic. Indulge yourself. Happiness here lies in small things. It’s up to you to discover it.

GASTROGastro offers
GASTROGastro offers
Find more about the gastronomic delights that reflects the kindness of hosts with their lovingly prepared traditional dishes. This is why the tastes of Buzet will always be remembered. Details

CULTURECultural assets
CULTURECultural assets
Explore the cultural assets that our region is famous for; Go along the glagolitic paths or through old crafts to find out what life once was in the Old Town. Details

OUTDOORSport facilities
OUTDOORSport facilities
Let yourself go and step into the world of unending adventure - learn more about sports facilities in Buzet area. Details

AccommodationAccommodation offers
AccommodationAccommodation offers
Choose between hotels, rooms, apartments or try one of the beautiful villas you can find in the Buzet area. Details

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Let the experience overflow you, discover its most secluded nooks, feel the adventure, become part of nature. Find yourself in Buzet.

Welcome to Buzet, the town inviting you to feel the beauty of its centennial architecture and experience the impressive view from north Istria’s hilltops. Feel the town lapped by the Mirna River and its surroundings offering authentic delight at each step. Its tastes, smells and colors make Buzet so unique, unpretentious and rich. It’s a town where the carefully preserved tradition intertwines with the spirit of modern times. Buzet awakens your senses, invites you to unwind and relax, offers a joie de vivre. Fall in love with its sun-soaked town walls. Smell the scent of its woods. Taste the richness of its homemade delicacies. Let the experience overflow you, discover its most secluded nooks, feel the adventure, become part of nature. Find yourself in Buzet.

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